Shoplifting Facts $$

  • Shoplifting cost American retailers $11.7 billion in 2009, costing the average retailer about 1.5% of profits. When that percentage grows much above 2%, it can lead to layoffs or even bankruptcy.
  • Some estimates suggest that nearly one in 10 Americans are active shoplifters. {Wowzers!}
  • Because the retail industry’s profit margins can be so thin, “the theft of one $5 heirloom tomato from Whole Foods can require sales of up to $500 to break even.”
  • The term “shoplifting” first appeared in Elizabethan London.
  • Kleptomania is different from shoplifting. Shoplifting remains substantially an economically driven crime.
  • In the first year of the Great Recession, there was an 8.8% spike in consumer theft in the U.S.

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