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Money and Superstitions

I come from a culture with pagan roots. Back home, “in the old country” as they say here in Canada, on any given day you are bound to encounter several superstitions. Most people believe in them, and there’s always someone nearby to “guide” you if you’re not sure what your next step should be. Superstitions are our rules to live by 🙂 I find them very comforting in a weird way, especially when things are supposed to go in my favor, according to this or that rule. Rationality aside, there are some things I just follow blindly. Others I may step over, but I won’t feel comfortable doing it. I thought I’d share a few superstitions related to money. There are basically things you do to not lose the money, and things you do to get more money.

  • Keep your paper money separate from all other junk in your wallet. I also like to keep the bills straightened out and flat. Show your money some respect and it’ll respect you back sort of thing.
  • Don’t take the garbage out after the sunset. I follow this one religiously. I pretty much admitted I’m irrational, how can I write about money and be taken seriously after this?
  • Cover the toilet seat. I don’t mean put the ring down, cover it with the lid.
  • Never allow your toilet or faucets to drip, fix them up ASAP. Even according to feng shui, the leaks signify your money “leaking away”.
  • If your left hand (palm only) is itching, it means you’ll be receving money very soon. No joke, 2-3 days before we get checks in the mail, I get this itch. Maybe I’m very fine-tuned in a way, I mean I have a life full of superstitious experience 🙂
  • I time all our big purchases with the Moon phases. We never buy anything “big” during the 4th week of the lunar cycle. This is more like “old wisdom” than a superstition to me. I use the lunar cycles for lots of things. If the Moon affects the oceans, don’t you think it has some affect on us, tiny humans? For the same reasons, I wouldn’t make any investment decisions in the 4th week. Handy Phases of the Moon page.
  • I keep a “piggy bank” and never count the money in it. I believe the English may have a similar superstition or a saying (something about counting fish?)

The list is by no means complete, but there are some things I won’t admit to doing even anonymously. They will remain my private embarassment, my “dark money magic”.