Latte Factor

… a few minutes later. This is sickening and don’t I feel stupid. Looks like I found our LATTE FACTOR and it’s coffee! Coffee house coffee is often really bad, even when fairtrade organic. The best coffee – by far – I’ve ever had is the one my husband prepares at home from freshly ground beans. Why do I always fall into the trap of buying a cup of crappy coffee, most of the time it’s in a paper cup coated with plastic and drunk on the go? What is the apeal of this?

I lumped coffee and eating out under the same category, but it’s really mostly coffee. Sad thing is that every month I saw just how much we spent on coffee and coffee shop deserts (I use Quickbooks to track spending), but it didn’t hit me until just a few minutes ago, when I looked at how much we spent on this stuff in a YEAR. $516 is more significan than $43, wouldn’t you say. A lot harder to take, too.

$516 per year, saved for 3 years, compounded at 4% would yield $127 of interest (this is before taxes but still impressive compared to a loss of $1548). I resolve to not buy coffee house coffee.