SPX S&P 500, Stock Market

Bullish Call

If I were short here, I’d be buying. Here’s a few random indicators (my favs of late) that paint the picture.

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  • WSJ buying on weakness $166 million as of 3:30pm
  • SPX/SPY is deeply oversold
  • SPY is sitting right on 50SMA, a decent support level
  • SPY volume low on this drop
  • Large traders are buying (bottom box)
  • Precious metals are holding up well, and also dropped on low volume. Showing my pet SLW:

Yes, I’m actually committing to a direction here.

The other night, I had the weirdest 2-part dream. My dreams are often prophetic (yeah yeah, whatever). If you’re into that sort of thing, here’s the dream message: fuel – on fire. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to predict that oil / gas are going higher. But “on fire” means A LOT higher.