Long-Term Investing

2-Month Trading Results

I started getting curious about active trading in March and executed my first short-term trade on March 27… so it’s been a couple of months. Time to report some results. I’m only going to focus on realized gains. You can check current paper loss by reviewing Our Current Portfolio – there’s plenty of that right now!

I didn’t include GoldCorp sale because that was a stock purchased in 2004 and I’m only interested in analyzing short-term trading success at the moment.

So here it is:

Pretty expensive trades considering low-dollar volume. I’m considering switching to CIBC Investor’s Edge account where each trade is $6.90 flat, no matter what number of shares.

In most cases I didn’t NEED to hold for as long as I did, was just slow to pull the trigger.

Our $480 annual interest on $12,000 deposit at the bank pales in comparison to this result. So far I’m treating trading as a hobby but also starting to see this as a potential source of income in the next year or so.