Trades and Ideas

2-Day “Report Card”

Positive results. Could’ve made more, but was hungry and tired. I’ve been going to bed at 3am and getting up at 9, and not eating much, so my concentration is not top-notch. Here are yesterday’s and today’s trades:


  • [[X]]
  • SKF

I bought X on Friday, sure I’d make at least 10 points on it. Like pretty much everyone, I assumed that the US$ would sell off and commodities would go up (temporarily at least). No dice! Made a total of $15 and happy to get away from this one, just in time.

SKF is a trader’s dream, whatever style you prefer – day or swing. I love SKF every day 🙂


  • [[SKF]]
  • [[UYG]]
  • [[JCP]]

Traded UYG and keeping an open short position on it. I’m near break-even here.

JCP is just this good old friend. Trading around a core position as well.

New positions

[[SLW]] – bought some today at $8.25. Looks like a bit early on this one, but I’m going to take my chances.

TSX (Toronto stock exchange) is down nearly 500 points today!!! In terms of impact, that’s like Dow selling off by the same amount. TSX is at 12,146 right now.

Canadian equities are heavily weighted towards basic and precious metals, and energy. Don’t think it’s the time to hunt for the bargains yet… I have a tiny bit of Penn West trust, and even its huge yield is not helping: 2 days of trading erased about 2 years worth of distributions.

Today I worked with a plan from last night, and hit 3 points out of 4 on it, all successfully. Again, planning in advance does seem to be working. Have some ideas for tomorrow.

Long nervous day, both in the markets and at work, so I’ll post later. Need to unwind…