This is obviously a significant level for (SLW: 20.91 +0.00%). Can it break above $40 and stay there?

Oscillators say the stock is overbought at these levels, I’m hoping for a mild correction if there’s one.

In July 2011 I wrote an in-the-money call against (SLW: 20.91 +0.00%) and it expired worthless last Friday. Hooray for me.

Time to write another one. Based on the chart below, I’m thinking of writing one that’s, again, in the money and maybe a year or two out. I think the stock price will be lower than today at some point which should give me a chance to buy the call back lower. And that kinda sucks ’cause I still have some free-floating, unprotected stock. Oh well.

Trying out a new chart style, monochrome. Red lines are the negatives, green – obviously – the positives.

And here’s a page from a 1934 catalog. I’m calling it “The Joys of Inflation, or See It and Weep”.

Ian Telfer, Goldcorp CEO, will be at the MaRS center tomorrow, more info here.

This week come and hear Ian Telfer, Chairman of Goldcorp Inc. tell his entrepreneurial story. Mr. Telfer has over 30 years of experience as an officer and director of mining companies in Canada and abroad. In 2007, he was selected as Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year.