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$$ Sold Scrap Silver for Cash, Photos from Refinery

I had some silver laying around and thought I’d do something with it. So I split everything into piles and took it to the refinery this morning.

  • sterling silver rings and settings, 312g
  • sterling wire scrap from my heady days of jewelry making, 101g
  • sterling jewelry with inset enamel, 104g

Total weight – approximately 517g

I really didn’t have to break it up like this. You might have to do it if you take your metal to one of the trading/middleman places.

But I went directly to a refinery. They melt everything together, to avoid checking each piece individually and then they measure the purity of this combined bar.

My stuff being weighed

Without plastic bags and a couple of magnetic pieces, total weight came to 511g. After melting, I got a 501g bar with 93.52% purity (higher than sterling because I had some 99% wire in there).

Pouring my bar. The whole melting process took 3-5 minutes at most.

How much $$$ do you think I should’ve gotten? Answer tomorrow! 🙂

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