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WTH?! NASDAQ Trades Cancelled

I’m affected by this ruling!! Unbelievable! Whyyyy?

Sep 19, 2008 14:13:23 ET
Pursuant to rule 11890(b), NASDAQ, on its own motion, will cancel all trades greater than 20% away from the prior day’s close executed today between 9:30 and 10:30 a.m. ET. This decision cannot be appealed. MarketWatch has coordinated this decision with other UTP Exchanges except CBSX, NYSE & AMEX. NASDAQ will be canceling trades on the participant’s behalf. This decision cannot be appealed. The stocks affected are as follows with the reference price (previous close) to calculate the high & low break point: ACWX($40.83), AHD($24.82), APL($24.46), ARA($44.34), BBY($41.23), BWV($45.90), C-G($15.30), CHRS($5.31), CNBKA($16.47), CRA($16.23), CTV($40.55), CVI($12.05), DOG($69.40), EEV($117.50), EFU($122.00), EFZ($95.00), EPR($57.54), EUM($95.50), EV($35.97), EXH($36.90), FIG($10.45), GBL($48.30), GGB($12.72), HBHC($57.11), HCP($41.25), IAI($28.24), IGT($17.88), IHI($60.02), IVE($61.63), IVW($58.58), IWD($65.89), IWF($50.28), IWM($71.80), IX($61.03), IYG($72.73), IYK($59.90), IYR($65.07), KRE($41.36), KSU($48.12), MI($22.98), MMS($37.56), MOR($8.15), MTX($62.74), MYGN($62.74), MZZ($61.01), NGT($25.33), ORCL($18.75), PAGG($26.44), PCBC($24.06), PRFZ($48.20), PSAU($27.03), RMS($88.02), RSP($40.46), RXD($78.66), SCC($90.20), SDP($72.20), SDS($72.50), SFG($49.50), SH($72.20), SIVB($59.41), TDG($37.98), UBSI($34.50), UKW($41.86), UVU($37.81), VV($54.30), WABC($64.68), WTFC($32.81), XRT($33.99). The list of reference points with high and low break points will be posted on