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Why Bother?

I’m going to sell all my longs tomorrow.

Year-to-date index losses are over 50%. This is a slow-motion crash. It doesn’t happen without a guiding hand. All the while we’re sucked into buying for the “bear market rally”, the rebound that never comes.

I’m done with longs. I tried, i really did. Every week, I’d go long 3-5 stocks. Thankfully I cut those losses quickly enough.

Are you going to say “that’s a sure sign we’ve hit the bottom”? Go ahead and use me as a contrarian indicator.

Market losses look deliberate to me (though I’m pretty paranoid these days).

And if they are not deliberate, just happened because of all the paper out there – well, that’s even worse. How can anyone trust anything in the market ever again when nobody truly knows what the real stock values are anymore?


  • [[AAPL]]
  • [[X]]
  • [[SOL]]
  • [[EEV]]


  • [[SDS]]
  • [[MET]]
  • [[MA]]
  • [[FSLR]]