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Weekly Plan and Today’s Trades

Prepare for an incoherent post… ready? go.

I’m having a foggy brain day, so today wasn’t great: I trimmed 1/3 of [[PWE]], traded MA and POT.

  • POT was the only thing that made me money. Wish I had stayed short [[MOS]] yesterday, but oh well – I’ll have plenty of chances, seeing as it’s going to zero.
  • [[MA]] and [[MOS]] are my “short and forget them” picks. I may short 100x of each and just let them slide. Maybe, [[X]], too.
  • I have a bunch of [[SDS]], and this is my trade for the week. I plan to daytrade a bit but not much: have to work.
  • No idea if the bailout is passed or not, but obviously I’m betting on a market drop in either case (I’m 75% sure – no deal).


[[MSFT]] will be at $25.80 and $28.60, don’t know the order but these are the targets.

[[QID]] will be $57.20 this week, maybe tomorrow.