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Wednesday Trading

Sold my longs (AAPL, X, SOL) in pre-market, thankfully, got the best prices of the day (seriously, getting up at 8am does pay sometimes), then shorted a bunch of stuff at open, including ex-longs.

Today I traded: AAPL, AMZN, BIDU, COF, EEV, FSLR, GE, MA, MET, UYG, X, SSO, SDS, SPG. I even went long a couple of times via shorting SDS. It was a good trading market.

I made a nice amount (steak, triple-crème brie, chocolate cake and Amarone worthy amount)… however it goes straight into “The Dishonorable EEV Suck Fund“. I’m still about $10K in the red for the month, but it’s getting better every day.

Now that 755 has been breached on the SPX and a lot of people will get margin calls, we can wade around these low levels for a few days. Time to think about longs (for next week).

Overnight, holding long [[EEV]], short [[FSLR]], [[SDS]], [[AAPL]], and [[BIDU]] — in the green, except EEV and SDS.

If you’re having a bad day — here’s something for you: