Vote Against Bill C-33, Canadian Biofuels Subsidy

This insanity is contagious, please vote and stop it.

Bill C-33 provides a $2.2 billion subsidy for biofuels and requires that all gasoline include 5% biofuel content by 2010.

Yet there is increasing evidence to show that the rush to biofuels will do more environmental harm than good. And converting food crops to fuel, amidst a serious food crisis, is increasing food prices and speculation.

This is putting food further out of reach of millions of hungry people and is a “crime against humanity,” says United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food, Jean Ziegler.

Any day now, Bill C-33 could come up for 3rd and final reading and vote in Parliament.

Please write immediately and ask Opposition Parties to vote NO to Bill C-33. If your MP is a Liberal, this is especially important, as they are split on the issue.