Trade Updates

Just one trade today: shorted [[PWE]]. So I’m long PWT.UN.TO which is the Toronto version of the stock, and short the same stock on NYSE. I trade around the core position on TSX, that I keep for the distribution (currently it yields about 14%).

Silver stocks didn’t react drastically enough and I’m not sure as to the immediate direction of silver prices. Today being the options expiration day, things were confusing.

I’m holding over the weekend:

  • Home Depot [[HD]] short
  • PennWest [[PWE]] short
  • [[SRS]] – a long that is a short
  • Apple [[AAPL]] short

Hmm, some negative bias, don’t you think.

This week I had 4 winning trades, 1 loser (realized).

Have some ideas for Monday, will post after refining the list.