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Trade Plan

Photo credit: David Haworth

Have to stop trading early in the morning: make a lot of mistakes, then spend a better part of the day fixing them.

Though we’re getting just ridiculously oversold, we’re in a no-support area at this time. I’ll stay short until October 16th. If we get a bounce before that, there should still be a significant drop on the 14th-15th.

By the way, full moon is on October 14th and I’m a big believer in the Moon’s influence. It’ll be one schizo market until the 15th. There’s another reason but I won’t say what it is sshhhhhh.

Despite being confident that we’ll be down until then, I just can’t shut off my inner optimist and it has been costing me money. I quickly dip in and out of long trades, it’s a hit and miss. Shorting, however, seems to work every time. Need to stick with the winning theme.

It’s like I’m sure that we’ll go down, but it seems just so out there to drop so far so fast… All the time trying to convince myself to stay short.

(Eric, you must admit that it is different this time. If it’s not different, show another time it dropped so far and so fast without a “kickback rally”.)