Trades and Ideas

Trade Plan, General Notes

Just one major resolution for the foreseeable future:
no long trades overnight, or maybe even none at all.

Every single long trade had quickly turned against me, very treacherous. Would be nervous to “wait it out” while waiting for shorts to play out doesn’t bother me at all. It’s that kind of market.

  • If tomorrow opens up, especially strongly, short after lunch if targets reached
  • If tomorrow opens down, do nothing

Do not chase. If itching to trade, do something with UYG and SKF, they’re familiar and more predictable at this point.

(this is self-talk)

I have a list of about 20 stocks with targets to short right now, but no really strong contenders.

Have to do something with the dollar while it’s up. I don’t trust it.

Never fails to make me laugh 🙂