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Too Much Noise

Looks like I’m not the only one doing some blog spring cleaning. All my reading became very overwhelming. It consumed way too much time, produced excessive noise in the head, to a point that I had trouble falling asleep, and I’m still not sure what good it all gave me.

When I first discovered blogs, about a year ago, I got some useful information out of them. It’s becoming a rarity nowadays. Seems to me, at the time blogs were peaking with lots of new stuff coming online and lots of ideas, but now majority of posts are recycled or just plain boring (and if I come across another one “My journey out of debt” blogs I’ll have to shoot… something. I’m not putting down those people, but it’s just a bit too tedious. Local support groups might be of more help, god knows most of us need more of face to face time with people, not computers.)

Out of fear that I may not be bringing much value myself, I almost stopped posting too.

It’s the writer’s block or fatigue. There’s a reason why professional writers take time to work on stuff. Expecting daily updates from Joe-bloggers that are either useful or fun to read is too much. And it hasn’t been fun putting so much pressure on myself to post regularly, either.

I never blogged for the money banners might bring (laughable). The only reason I have google ads here – FYI – is so my site would be found in search. I tried “killing” them a couple of times and both times I dropped off the face of internet. On the plus side my pages did load quicker… Google is very clever. I’ve only made it once to the $100 payout level, but can’t pull off the ads for the above reason.

So, as I clean my RSS subscriptions list, I vow to try only posting blogs of some unique value. You can find daily news anywhere, there is a whole bunch of aggregators for that.

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