$$ Tim Horton’s $THI


It’s a windy, snowy, very cold day here in Toronto and I’m craving Tim Horton’s donuts. I’m not alone, check out how excited this woman is that someone sent her Tim’s donuts from Canada.

There are Tim Horton’s restaurants in 11 states, mostly in the North-East. I wonder if they plan to expand further in the US.

I was surprised to learn that [[THI]] trades on NYSE. Here’s its chart at a glance:

Pattern-wise looks like an inverse head-and-shoulders and/or an ascending triangle. Very bullish, right?

The stock pays 1.25% dividend and is trading at 21 price-to-earnings ratio, middle of the road.
The negatives are that both insiders and institutions are selling, insiders are almost completely out of the stock. Well, it’s worth a look. Technically it looks okay to me, tradable on the long side, though short-term it’s probably overbought.

Anyway, had my very rare donut fix. Good thing I don’t have resolutions like “no junk food” or “lose weight” for 2010.