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This Week’s Trade Updates Out of $XLF Added $SLW

I wanted to buy more SLW (silver) but didn’t have the cash. Right now I’m trading the tax-free account and there’s an annual limit to how much I can add there. So, I got out of the XLF trade for a total profit of $3.20, and added SLW.

I added SLW twice since the initial buy-in on Feb 7. My ACB on it is $35.58. [ edited to add: current price [[SLW]] ]

A note on options: XLF options are fairly priced and track the stock very very well. Surprised me. SLW options are lagging behind. Didn’t surprise me 🙂

What’s up with the dollar? I still have some US$ left, should I just convert it all to Cad$?