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Stop Bill C-51

Proposed by the conservative government this bill will severely restrict natural products, and heavily favours pharmaceutical drugs.

Even if you’re personally not interested in taking vitamins/supplements, please recognize this as a personal freedom-limiting law and protest. You don’t have to be a Canadian to sign the petition.

Does this seem reasonable to you?

Canada’s Police State Bill C51 Camouflaged as a Health Bill

Under Bill C-51 the State could:

  •   Enter private property without a warrant
  •   Take your property at their discretion
  •   Dispose of your property at will
  •   Not reimburse you for your losses
  •   Seize your bank accounts without a warrant
  •   Charge owners shipping and storage charges for seized property
  •   Store your property indefinitely
  •   Levy fines of up to $5,000,000.00 and/or seek 2 years in jail per charge
  •   Will not have to report seizures to a court.
  •   They can charge you just for talking about or promoting natural alternatives

Bill C-51 full text