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Skirt Length Theory

Long dress

…skirt lengths are a predictor of the stock market direction. According to the theory, if skirts are short, it means the markets are going up. And if skirt are long, it means the markets are heading down.

The idea behind this theory is that shorter skirts tend to appear in times when general consumer confidence and excitement is high, meaning the markets are bullish. In contrast, the theory says long skirts are worn more in times of fear and general gloom, indicating that things are bearish.


Not sure how reliable this indicator is, but I noticed back in February that catalogs started showing full length dresses. Maybe I noticed it because I pay attention to the market, but it really is interesting.

The same companies haven’t carried a maxi-dress or a maxi-skirt for 2-3 year. Last year I wanted to buy a long summer dress and I couldn’t find one anywhere (except of the evening variety)! This summer daytime long dresses are everywhere. Now, there are still mid- and short length ones, but longer lengths are definitely creeping in. Another sign that consumers aren’t feeling very cheery. Though I must say cleavage is in, that’s gotta be another fashion-related stock market sign but what it means – I don’t know.

Long dressLong dress