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Reading Material

I have several article drafts on the go and even more ideas in my head, but I’m lacking concentration at the moment to finish any of it (plus I’ve been moving my Orthodontic blog to a new site). Here’s a few links I came across, and think they’re worth sharing.

Market Commentary:

The Value Line Investment Survey
Everything lukewarm.

General Commentary and Advice:

The Value Line Mutual Fund Survey
“…How does the con artist go about getting you to hand over your money or important information? There are multiple tactics that get used, and victims usually get hit with more than one tactic at a time. The researchers broke this down into 13 categories, including: …”

Taxes: PST, GST and HST
Okay, this is not particulary exciting, but a perfect read for when you’re feeling lazy but must work: you can take a break and not feel guilty because you may even learn something in the process.

How I Escaped the Rat Race
This is the article that, one year ago got me thinking about replacing one income stream with multiple ones. I’ll discuss the plans in more detail this week.