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Source: Pumpkin Way

I’ve been trolling some forums, here’s a few posts that caught my eye…

I will promulgate my theory once again:

The PPT is going to attempt to institute an orderly crash by having the majority of the downward moves happen outside of normal trading hours.

Every day looks (on the whole) pretty flat. Every night, all hell breaks loose. This will screw the maximum number of speculators, and bring about SPX 750 in a nice, orderly stair-stepped fashion.

LISTEN UP……I don’t see candlesticks, line charts, pie graphs, photographs, formulas, a Fed release, level twos, level threes, we’ll all be screwed; trend curves, down curves, load um up, sell um down, buckle up, for the crash, to hell with you, I’ll stay in CASH!!!!

Today’s market action is classic bear rally flow.

Back during the tech crash, stocks were pumped intraday and then dumped at the close.

The pattern was very consistent then as now, becoming obvious to many.

Substantially fewer investors feel safe holding stocks overnight, especially when Godzilla is on the loose!