Trades and Ideas

Personal Best

Today I had a pretty good day, in fact, my personal best so far.

Lots of trades, I even got bored with Twittering everything so I’m taking that page down unless someone expresses an interest in it.

I’ve put up a new page “Market Pulse”, where I’m going to collect various indicators, that I come across.

  • Sold [[SDS]] in the morning, covered [[PLCE]], [[PSUN]], 1/3 [[JCP]], 1/2 [[LVS]].
  • Went long [[MOS]] and then chickened out – unfortunately. It’s up huge now.
  • Traded [[SKF]] on the short side 9 (!) times, all wins.
  • For the weekend, I have 3 short positions, but also have half my [[QLD]], and started a long [[X]] trade.

This is just a re-cap. So many trades today, must analyze (later).