Savings Tips

Pay Cash to Save Money

I came across this post on a credit card-related site:

I guess people don’t even realize that CC transaction fees are already built into almost every price you see when you shop. I would gladly pay cash if I had the option of getting a cash price for goods. But, since this isn’t the case, I might as well earn my Amazon rewards money…

Actually, I find that – surprisingly – just about everyone is open to negotiation, from Best Buy reps to small stores (especially small stores, of course). It works very well on higher-priced items. For anything above $100 I start off by asking “what’s your price if I pay cash?” Oftentimes they will discount beyond the built-in 2-3% credit card fee just for my asking “What’s the best deal you can give me?” Seriously. This has saved us hundreds of dollars just last year.

Beware, though, only pay cash for expensive stuff if you have total confidence in the retailer and/or product.