Outrage! Ontario Budget Deficit is 6 Times Higher Than California’s $$

In absolute numbers, the deficit is the same (around $20 billion). That’s scary enough. But if you consider that here in Ontario we only have 1/6th of California’s population, the picture looks even worse.

I just learned about it today, and now I’m mad and stressed. Ignorance was definitely a bliss. I was lulled into peaceful complacency by all this talk about how Canada is stable this, and reliable that.

Canada is pretty socialist and for a lot of business that I deal with here, the government is their biggest client. So if the government goes bankrupt, it will affect everyone. Tax receipts haven’t gone down, but the spending is out of control. WTF#&@#kkk!

And on that note, here’s where the money goes in Canada: I can’t be bothered to find spending for Ontario alone right now.

Most of it is for debt servicing (interest) and OTHER, meaning “whatever, we stole it”??