Savings Tips

Outlet Mall Shopping, Buffallo, NY

In my nearly 15 years in Toronto I had never visited Buffalo, NY. Yesterday I took a friend to the airport and stayed there for the day to shop. I was always very skeptical about outlet malls because the ones I’ve been to in Missouri and Ontario weren’t worth it. But Fashion Outlet Malls in Buffalo had me “oh-my-godding” every 10 seconds. I was ‘operating’ on 3 hours of sleep and even in this handicapped condition I was able to find a few amazing things at a huge discount. If this were a girly blog, I’d take pictures of the deals I got 🙂

Another mall, Walden Galleria was fine but it’s not exactly an outlet mall. Their brands are nearly identical to what I can find in Toronto with only a few exceptions. Prices overall weren’t much lower, but I think many people go to Walden for The Cheesecake Factory. Their cakes were good.

I’ve read somewhere that Coach ([[COH]]) makes more money at their outlet stores than full-price stores. Can’t find the source but I believe it – their place was a sh*t-show, a horde of people were running around the store with a mad look in their eyes, and that’s on Thursday. Can’t imagine what it’s like on a weekend.

All in all, I thought it was worth the trip, and will probably do it again at some point.