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Ontario Legal Work Week

Ontario legal work week is 48 hours long. The maximum is 60 hours – if you sign an agreement to that effect. 60 hours must be spread out as:

  • 12 hours / 5 days, or
  • 10 hours / 6 days

A friend of mine – at a creative, white-collar job – routinely works 80-85 hours per week with no overtime pay of any kind (he’s on salary). I looked this up for him, not that he’s going to do anything about it. It can be hard to stand up for yourself in a workplace, especially if you like the people you work with and your boss.

I’m not sure how this kind of abuse is prevalent in other industries, but it seems to be the norm for a lot of creative firms in Toronto. Not just crazy hours, but also no extra pay?! Know your rights, and talk to your boss about it!