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New Trades: PWE, TOL

  • Sold [[SDP]] because in hindsight I didn’t buy enough and didn’t want to have money locked up in it for a potential $150 gain. Plus it’s an inverse ETF and I’m trying to stay away from those.
  • Sold all [[AUY]] this afternoon. I now have no gold whatsoever. Will re-buy on a dip.
  • Covered [[ALGN]]. Duc and Eric made a good semi-bullish case for it, so I’m playing it safe.
  • Still short [[VAL]].
  • Long [[PWE]], started 1/2 of trade position. It’s a Canadian oil/nat. gas trust that’s in my long-term portfolio as well, but I trade it sometimes, on both short and long sides. Pays 15.30% dividend as of now, safe at least until 2011. It usually reverts “to the mean” that is the yield usually stabilizes around 12.95-13% (~$31/share), so anything better than this is a gift.
  • Shorted [[TOL]].

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