NETFILE Pro and Con

I choose not to use NETFILE, because I read somewhere that NETFILE returns are “red-flagged” more often. It may be an urban legend, but our accountants have never NETFILE’d either (even though they were eligible to do it.)

Just got a promo email from Ufile outlining why you SHOULD NETFILE:
NETFILE is the fastest way to get your tax refund
We never get refunds, not a concern for us.

There’s a much lower risk of the CRA employees making an error when processing your return

The CRA’s NETFILE system can also catch certain irregularities in your return and report errors that might need to be corrected right away.
Then, they go on saying that if you use Ufile, you’ll make fewer mistakes. This goes for most tax software out there, doesn’t it. I think error-proofing is more of a point in favor of using some software to file taxes instead of manual calculations, not so much a NETFILE selling point.

When you file electronically, there is no need to sort, staple and mail all your tax slips along with your tax return.
Seems like there’s a higher chance of receipts being requested for verification. While not really an audit, it’s still a hassle. May as well bring/mail in the papers from the beginning.