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Money, It’s a Guy Thing… or Is It?


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In days of yore, as Merkin testifies, women in certain communities were told to ignore money issues. If they showed an interest in money it had to mean either that that they did not want to be taken care of, or that they were not confident that men could do so.

A woman’s interest in money would have threatened the male role of provider, and would have made her a less attractive mate.

And it is probably true, even at a time when most women work outside the home,that many learn about financial issues only when they are forced to… by divorce, widowhood, or financial crisis…

…Women’s studies belongs to the humanities. They emphasize soft subjects, subjects that involve emotion and art, subjects that stereotypically exist within women’s domains.

Part of the problem is that feminism holds as dogma that reality is constructed out of power relations that seek to exploit women.

But, money is about numbers. And like it or not, numbers are real. They are not a social construct. If you have learned from critical theory and deconstruction that there are no facts, you will never develop a good relationship with money.