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Money and Trust Issues

Why do so many people feel the need to write about money anonymously? Why can’t we share it with people close to us? I can’t even talk to my Mom about it. I mean, of course I do talk to her about money, but in general terms as in “We’re having a great month” or “We’re not saving enough”. I don’t even feel comfortable disclosing our Bottom Line to her, or to anyone for that matter. The only person I have ever said the numbers out loud is my husband. Maybe that’s the way it should be, but maybe not.

Money has become a very complex issue – it’s a lot more than you have it or you don’t have it. Modern governments, tax and legal systems have created so many schemes for both creating and losing wealth, not to mention every business out there is out to get your money. So a network of close friends with whom we could share our financial strategies would be more valuable now than ever. However, people are becoming more and more alone, more private. We all end having to study money matters on our own, or by making mistakes.

In a way, I think this may be of the reasons why “the rich become richer”. People who are wealthy are a lot more willing to discuss money issues and tricks, to share and to learn from each other. Having money is not considered shameful, so even naming actual numbers is easier if those numbers are big. People who have less though – and this group is growing, it seems – may be ashamed to admit that they don’t have as much, and cover their finances with a veil of mystery.

I’m glad that at least anonymous public forums exist where money can be discussed freely. Some day I may even be brave enough to post our Bottom Line for the whole anonymous world to see 🙂

I meandered off into a different direction, but originally his post was prompted by The Budgeting Babe.