Long-Term Investing

Market Timing in Good Times

Dow: Best winning streak since ’55 < — Where’s the May sell off?!

With everything flying so high, finding good deals in “solid” stocks is hard (for my long-term investment plan). I realize trying to time the market is futile… but clearly buying at the top of the market is not the smartest strategy.

From The Only Investment Guide You’ll Ever Need:

When the New York Stock Exchange celebrated its 200th birthday in May 1992, it could report that a person who bought shares in all of the companies on the exchange on ANY day in its history would have made a profit over ANY 15-year stretch and would have beaten bonds and savings accounts over virtually any period exceeding 20 years.

Pretty expensive to buy shares of all of the companies, but ETF’s make it a lot easier nowadays. So that’s a pretty encouraging statistic, wouldn’t you say? I’m still tempted to wait until fall, see if there’s going to be a crash or a correction of some kind.