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How to Fix All Global Problems

Reading these figures, I can’t help but think that it’s “each man for himself” in this world.

All figures are for one year:

  • Basic education for all the people in the world would cost $6 BILLION
  • Installation of water and sanitation for all would cost $9 BILLION
  • Basic health care and nutrition would cost $13 BILLION

Total: $40 Billion annually

  • $8 BILLION is spent annually for cosmetics in the United States alone
  • $11 BILLION is spent annually on ice cream in Europe
  • $12 BILLION a year is spent on perfumes in Europe and the U.S
  • $17 BILLION a year is spent on pet food in Europe and the U.S
  • $35 BILLION is spent on business entertainment in Japan
  • $50 BILLION on cigarettes in Europe
  • $105 BILLION on alcoholic drinks in Europe
  • $400 BILLION on narcotic drugs around the world
  • And finally, in ONE year alone $780 BILLION is spent on firearms and munitions (I suspect this number is now higher)

(This, right here, is a list of economic sectors to invest in if you’re inclined to do so.)