Herbalife (HLF) One of Top Soros’ Holdings

Latest quote: [[HLF]] – Herbalife

Billionaire investor George Soros’s stake in nutritional supplement company Herbalife counts as one of his top holdings.

And what do you know, after this was reported HLF stock price rose to its highest level ever. Interestingly, Carl Icahn (net worth $20bil) also has a sizable position in Herbalife.

I thought it was a 90’s fad that disappeared, but nope. And I have no idea how and why this product is so popular. It’s more likely to make an average person fatter than help them lose weight. Take a look at this ingredient list for their Express Meal Bar:


Yes, lots of synthetic vitamins, but also a lot of insulin triggers and artificial crap that makes your body work hard at detoxing. Byproduct of toxins is usually excess weight.

I’m also baffled as to how “know the products you invest in” would help here. I get to know the product, look at the ingredients and look at the potential to deliver what it promises… and I think “no way!”. But it’s flying high and making people rich in the process.