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Google Does Evil

I genuinely don’t like Google [[goog]], and belive that the fact that they hide under the “do no evil” slogan cover, makes them worse than Bill Gates (he, at least, doesn’t pretend).

Anyway, for those of you who jumped on the Chrome browser wagon, be aware that Chrome’s Terms of Service contain a rights grab:

“…by posting anything (via Chrome) to your blog(s), any forum, video site, myspace, itunes, or any other site that might happen to be supporting you, Google can use your work without paying you a dime.”

“And for the record, Microsoft tried this years ago with MSN messenger, where MS got an irrevocable perpetual license to all IP that passed through MSN messenger, and the net basically revolted.”

“There are some people who have claimed that this is standard legal jargon for every piece of software. Not only is that simply not true, no clause even close to that is in the Firefox terms of service.”

This is an explanation in layman’s terms, more info here, including the relevant paragraphs from Chrome’s TOS.