Trades and Ideas

Going Forward

I’m very tempted to just wipe the slate clean and start over, but since I can afford to wait for a better exit – I will.

Ever since the mayhem started in the markets, my best trades (highest win ratio + most profitable) have been day trades, or even minute trades 🙂

I should’ve just stuck to that and given up on swing-trading. Swinging worked so well in August and September, so it was hard to let go.

Though we’ll probably be returning to a calmer pace soon, once all my current positions are closed, I will only day trade. To compensate for lower volatility, will gradually increase position size.

This morning I wanted to cover one or two shorts to free up some cash. For no particular reason covered [[BIDU]] in pre-market — talk about a lucky pick! It really ran away later in the day.

Then I covered [[AMZN]] in the afternoon, and that was it.

No steak for me today……..