Currencies and Inflation


To re-cap, the negatives at the moment:

  • Bailout indecision / no-pass
  • Madoff – this, IMO, is as big as Enron. Affects over BIG 350 stocks!!
  • Retail sales tomorrow – anyone expects a good number?
  • BofA cuts, over 2 years but nonetheless

Omigod, something’s up that we don’t know about! Yen is in the 80’s and Euro/dollar is jumping around. I’m just relaying info, as I personally have no clue.

Anyone got ideas? Something big is apparently happening, but as usual we’ll be the last to find out.

I’m prepared for a big down day tomorrow, too bad don’t have any index shorts.

Staying up all night! too giddy. Armageddon is upon us again?