Trades and Ideas

Good Day

I was sort of “in the zone” today, not like last Friday, but it was a combination of relatively good positioning in advance and good trading. Today I set a new record 😐 (I’m being very reserved here, you see… hope Hermes does not punish me for bragging.)

These bi-polar markets give one day, and take the next: I got out of [[SLW]] and [[GDX]] at the open with minor losses, while last night I had about $300 profit in them. If I had held SLW for half a day, I’d be out at break-even, but who knew that?

Then, covered half [[LVS]], all [[UYG]] and traded [[SKF]] 6 times.

Can’t hold anything long in this market, so when trading SKF on the short side (essentially being long banks) I freak out! But it’s fun. And I want to do it again tomorrow.

Overnight, my positions are short [[LVS]] and short [[JCP]]. This is the fewest in awhile. Very liberating in a way, and I’m stocked up on cash, ready for whatever tomorrow may bring.

I’ll post tomorrow’s trade plan later tonight.