Double-Inverse ETFs

Which one’s the most reliable? Literally none of them have double the return, average is 1.4-1.6 times. However, some are better than others.

The best one has to be SDS:
SPY YTD -19.31%
SSO YTD -40.02%
SDS YTD +38.08% (1.97x)

$DJUSFN -47% (approximately)
UYG -57.19%
SKF +1.58% (This one’s just ridiculous for buy-and-holding)

MSCI EM ??? I can’t find info on this index, it’s a Morgan Stanley invention, by the way
EEM -31.02%
EEV +38.76%

Others you can compare are DXD/DDM, SMN/UYM …. and many more. I’m too lazy.

I’m re-thinking shorting SDS, but pretty sure it’ll get killed soon.