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David Bach’s free learning resources

Can’t say I’m a dedicated fan, but I read 3 of David Bach’s books on personal finance, and even found my “latte factors”, I find his advice at times overly optimistic which makes it annoying – estimated figures are a little detached from reality, and a lot of the advice almost useless if you are already living frugally (I realize frugal people are not his target audience). But his books are still an interesting and easy read, even if just for the examples from his practice.

I just discovered that Mr. Bach offers free resources on his web site. I enjoyed some of his newsletters, you can find solid practical advice there. The writing style is obviously similar to the books but with much less “water”, they’re short and to the point.

I’m venturing out into the world of investing books, which are often technical and just plain scary to me. David Bach’s advice seems pretty basic and “feels like home” in a comforting, cozy way. When I want a break from the horrors of real life and from the books that tell me I can’t earn/save enough, I must invest… In those moments, I’ll pick up one of Bach’s books and for a couple of hours I’ll relax in knowing that “All will be well, if only we continue automatically saving 10% of what we make”.