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Crowflight Minerals Warrants

This is for the fairly narrow audience: people interested in Crowflight Minerals.

I couldn’t find information on warrants on their web site, so I emailed them. IR have responded, and the information actually IS available on their site:

“Information about warrants and their expiry dates can be found in the Q1 report…”

Summary of Outstanding Warrants

In addition:“Two events occurred in Q2 affecting warrants, but they obviously aren’t reflected in the Q1 report. They are: the warrants dated for expiration in April 2008 were called early (see press release dated May 11, 2007), so they have either expired or were exercised by the end of June. Also, additional warrants were granted with the financing that was completed in Q2 (see press release dated April 12, 2007). Updated numbers will be available in the Q2 Report once it is completed and posted, which will happen before the end of August.”