Canada Strikes

Well, it’s been a few years since the last meaningful strike in Toronto. TTC (public transporation) is always on the edge of a strike every spring so I don’t even pay attention.

Last time a serious strike happened right in the middle of a very hot summer (just like now) and they stopped picking up garbage. For 16 days. Ewwww…..

This time it’s worse. The whole city is shutting down! No park service, possibly no garbage pickup, ferry drivers were on strike since at least Monday.

Now, get this, LCBO – Liquor Control Board of Ontario – is set to strike at midnight (half an hour ago). LCBO is the only place where you can buy liquor in Ontario. (The Beer Store is part of LCBO. Oh there’s also the Wine Rack, but it only sells local wine).

Liquor stores were packed today. We’ve got 2 events coming up here – the Pride Parade this weekend and Canada Day on July 1st. I don’t know if the strike will last until then, but I guess people stocked up in advance.

Not that I’m a big drinker, but you see, I recently came across this article “No Booze? You May Lose. Why Drinkers Earn More Money Than Nondrinkers”, and now I’m worried.