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Beat the Dart

Beat the Dart.

Beat the Dart is an interesting group of people. They’ve been in the market since 1960’s and have a lot of experience. They developed and are still refining SPM (Subjective Probability Matrix) rating that grades stocks on 1-100 scale. Take a look at their site, even if you don’t sign up for Best Ideas ($50 one-time fee), their front-page commentary is free and always interesting.

You can request ratings on any stock during the day and they respond near instantly with real-time SPM ratings.

On Friday I was sleepy and unprepared 🙂 so I only traded their ideas. I had 5 winners, 1 loser. That’s without pre-screening effort on my part at all. (It’s not that I blindly trust them, I’ve been trading off of their ideas for about a month and fairly confident in what they offer).

This is not an affiliated link, I won’t get paid for this. I participate in their forums, and want more members to join to make it an even better community, that’s all.