Anti-Infographic Rant

Up until recently, I was a devoted infographics consumer. At first sight of an illustration with colorful blocks and percentages inscribed in them, I’d jump in and savor every detail. I enjoy graphic art very much, so in a way it was like looking at art and learning something practical. I was sure that the infographics deepened and improved my understanding of life.

Lately though, a lot of it is just garbage, no other way of putting it. Useless noise. It’s possible that it’s always been that way, I’m just more sensitive to it now, having crammed as much as I can into my head. (I also realized that some IG’s left me more stressed and tired than I was before viewing them.)

There are many websites that cater to IG-heads but the most popular one is Here’s a few of their latest submissions:

  • The Economy of Coca-Cola (FYI, [[KO]]. Will you be better off if you know how many gallons of coke is consumed worldwide?)
  • Benefits of Drinking Water (How about staying alive and leave it at that?? Do people need to be convinced to drink water?)
  • The Expendables 2 (I got nothing for this one. Just dumb.)
  • The ROI of Higher Education (Useless AND depressing. Jackpot!)

To be fair, most IG’s probably have a niche audience, but when they’re mixed all together, you’ll get sucked into inspecting all of them, no matter how inane.


The only infographic I don’t get tired of looking at is this one ๐Ÿ™‚
Btw, the futures are positive so far… Have a good week.