Stock Market

Advisors On The Hunt


I can’t determine where we are in this cycle

Yesterday I got a phone call from a large Canadian bank. The guy on the phone introduced himself as a financial advisor, and asked me “What is your investment strategy?” Just like that 🙂 Made me smile. Then, he went on to say that it’s such a wonderful time to enter the market and there are lots of investment opportunities.

And today (!), that’s 2 days in a row of “assault”, I got a survey about my attitude towards the stock market and how I was affected by the crisis. Their questions were extremely intrusive and very detailed. They really wanted to know my level of market savvy, even asked if I trade options and bonds. (I didn’t fill it out, of course.)

A mass stock promo campaign is starting! I think that’s a sign that the money managers are confident — the bear market is over.

I’m not experienced enough to know – at what stage of the bull cycle does this happen?