Long-Term Investing

4-Month Trading Results

I’m giving up on day-trading, unless it happens by chance again. It’s very exciting but I have no discipline or time to do it. However, my schedule – and personality 🙂 – are perfectly suited for swing trades.

Here are my latest trading stats:

4-month trading summary

Again, brokerage fees eat into the profits considerably, but my cost per trade has gone down by about $3. Not sure why: I’m still buying/selling Toronto Venture stocks (which come with higher ECN fees).

My average holding period has dropped from 45 days to 28. I’ve become more comfortable with the whole process; buying and selling comes easier. Now I just have to be careful not to become trigger-happy.

It’s true that it takes money to make money, but as you can see I didn’t have more than $4,000 invested at any time. Most of the time I just kept “recycling” the money.

Keep in mind, this is not a complete picture. I’m sitting on several stocks that are currently in the red or up about 3-4% (which by my new standards is very low). This “report card” is for my realized gains/(losses).