A kilo – 2.2 lbs – of this tea will set you back $297 including tax. Not even organic, natural or anything worth attention, except for the GMO-free pouches.

At first I thought it was pretty funny (ha ha, who are the dummies buying this – I’m all for expensive tea, but when it’s good), but then realized – this is 3 times cheaper than buying a cup of tea at the Starbucks :-/

Starbucks: (: )


…all this.

There’s been some talk on Twitter about food prices. Normally I avoid thinking about how much I spend on food, ’cause it’s a lot. But today I faced the ugly truth.

How does this compare to prices where you are?

For reference, that’s a 5lb (2.27kg) bag of potatoes, about 1.5lb (700g) of cherries, and 10 medium figs per box. Obscene-looking root is horseradish.

Green – organic, orange – conventional.

Saw this little gem at the grocery store:

By the way… mushrooms are super-retainers of radiation. Most we buy are probably hydroponic, safe from “natural” exposure. But mushrooms are often irradiated to keep them fresh longer, and that’s also radiation. The solution is to buy organic or avoid.

Every time they run out of something at the grocery stores the price is always higher after re-stocking, without exception. Be it 20 or 40 cents, but it’s always higher.

And I noticed things go out of stock a lot faster (credit issues? other reasons for stocking less?), which means the prices go up quite often. It’s been happening for at least 18 months now.

Food inflation is rampant, despite the fact that the Canadian dollar is doing really well.