How’s you Halloween? Mine’s fun. In addition to the mundane, I’ve witnessed a car crash, petted an amazing black cat in the street and came home to a power outage. All in a span of an hour. Can’t wait to see what midnight brings!

I’m watching the 1968 version of “Thomas Crown Affair” and as the protagonist was depositing the $2.6mm into a Swiss bank I wanted to find out what it would equal to today.

$2,600,000.00 in 1968 had the same buying power as $16,810,188.79 in 2011.

In the next few days, I will cull a lot of posts from my blog, mostly up-to-the minute charts that have no value beyond a week or two. That should clean up the site considerably and once again reveal my “evergreen” content (I do have it, believe it or not).

Big ones in recent memory:

  • 1992, Andrew – Formed August 16, Dissipated August 28
  • 2005, Katrina – Formed August 23, Dissipated August 30
  • 2011, Irene – Formed August 20, Dissipated August 29

Very narrow window at the end of August.

And you may not think that Irene was a big deal, but the damage is already at about $20B.