Looking Ahead

I don’t mean looking ahead a few days, or even months. If you want to look a few years or even decades out, just follow what B. G. / MSFT is doing.

Came across this bit purely by accident (bold emphasis mine):

In October 2020, Firmenich announced that it had created a flavour by means of artificial intelligence. It teamed with Microsoft who helped leverage “the entirety of Firmenich’s broad raw material database” to dissimulate “a lightly grilled beef taste” into its plant-based meat alternatives. Firmenich’s “unique palette of ingredients” and “SmartProteins expertise in plant-based protein alternatives” were instrumental in the innovation process.

Source: Wikipedia


Then, of course, there’s the stealth buying up of the farm land by B.G. and major push for “plant-based meat alts” by Big Corp. Doesn’t take a genius to figure out that going forward, the plan is to limit meat production and take further control of the food supply.

So far, real lightly grilled steak